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How do you feel about the black kpop fans that call out 'problematic' behavior? I follow many and their information is really good but sometimes I feel like shouldnt be following because i think to myself "shouldn't actual koreans be doing this? arent these overstepping their boundaries?" i feel like they dont have a place speaking on certain topics but i dont want to start trouble with them especially if im just being too sensitive.


black kpop fans definitely have the right to call people out, especially when kpop does shit like appropriate black culture but then uses blackface. you’re right in thinking it’s also korean responsibility to acknowledge whenever kpop pulls racist, and anti-black crap, but anti-blackness in kpop affects black kpop fans and they have the right to be angry about it. 

- admin e


the fact that eminem is chanyeols favorite rapper is really the icing on the fuckboy cake